What is Reactor Mail?

Email fulfilment is a better way to deliver information

REACTOR MAIL is an easy-to-use email fulfillment tool for businesses to create their own branded email and then use it to send out requested information such as brochures, literature and documents

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What is Reactor Mail?

In the fast-paced digital era, it’s surprising that many companies still rely on outdated methods like postal mail or text emails with large attachments to fulfil customer requests. Fortunately, Reactor Mail offers a professional alternative, revolutionizing email fulfilment for businesses of all sizes.

Reactor Mail is an innovative email fulfilment tool that empowers users to send branded HTML emails instantly, seamlessly linking to web-hosted content such as PDFs, flash demos, video guides, and more. Whether your business operates with a customer services team frequently handling brochure requests or a sales team consistently following up on calls and meetings via email, Reactor Mail is the perfect solution to streamline communication.

With Reactor Mail, businesses can bid farewell to time-consuming and costly print and postal deliveries. Instead, they can provide customers with quick and dynamic responses, leaving a lasting professional impression. The tool’s branded emails and web-hosted content create a cohesive and engaging experience for recipients, boosting brand credibility.

For customer services teams, Reactor Mail becomes an invaluable asset in delivering requested materials promptly. By enabling instant email responses with attached brochures and information, customer satisfaction levels soar, and businesses can handle inquiries efficiently.

Sales teams benefit from Reactor Mail’s swift integration of support materials into sales efforts, reinforcing conversations and augmenting post-meeting follow-ups. The tool’s user-friendly interface and tracking features ensure that every email engagement is monitored, facilitating better insights and improved conversion rates.

In conclusion, Reactor Mail is a game-changing tool that propels email fulfillment into the modern age. Its dynamic features empower businesses to enhance communication, improve customer experiences, and stand out in today’s competitive market. Whether it’s for customer services, sales, or any other team seeking streamlined email processes, Reactor Mail is the ultimate solution for efficiency and professionalism.

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For starters, this is the digital age – what brand wants to be left behind? Evolution aside, here are a few more benefits to using Reactor Mail

  • A low cost alternative to print and post delivery
  • Green credentials for responsible businesses
  • Quick delivery of information, which is what people want
  • A professional impression to customers and prospects
  • A fully interactive and responsive fulfilment process
  • Activity tracked and reported by users, content, outcomes