Data-driven AI formula that generates 1-1 content

Our technology is capable of extracting client data from various sources and analyzing it through our in-house software that efficiently configures data on the go. After that, we program and prompt a Large Language Model (LLM) before feeding the data into the AI system. This is where the real magic happens – the LLM generates customised messages for each customer in no time.

Data and AI-driven Hyper-personalisation

At Edge Digital, we stand at the forefront of a monumental transformation in email marketing. Through our proprietary email platform, we’re not merely riding the wave of innovation – we’re actively shaping it. Our cutting-edge technology is engineered to process data with a level of configurability that is nothing short of infinite. This means that we have the capability to adapt and refine our systems to suit the unique data profiles of each of our clients.

This proprietary software acts as the bedrock, allowing us to seamlessly integrate data personalisation with Large Language Models (LLMs). The result is an unprecedented level of precision and personalisation in email marketing. The power of this combination lies in its ability to generate content that is not just tailored, but one-to-one personalised. It’s akin to having a dedicated marketing team crafting individual messages for each subscriber.

As we pioneer this revolution, we’re not content with just being on the cutting edge. We’re actively pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in email marketing. This is where the excitement truly lies. The synergy between our proprietary software and LLMs represents a seismic shift in how businesses connect with their audience through email.

We’re proud to share that we’re already working with several clients to harness the immense potential of this powerful combination. Together, we’re not only redefining the effectiveness of email marketing but also setting a new standard for customer engagement in the digital landscape.

How does it work?