Antalis is the unrivaled European leader and a global powerhouse (excluding the United States) in B2B distribution of Paper and Packaging solutions. Additionally, it holds a prominent position as one of Europe’s top three distributors of Visual Communication solutions. With a remarkable international presence in 41 countries, Antalis stands as the sole operator in its sector.

Antalis, a forward-thinking and customer-centric company, has harnessed the power of Reactor Mail by Edge Digital to revolutionize their email fulfillment processes. As a leading distributor of paper, packaging solutions, and visual communication products, Antalis understands the importance of efficient and timely communication in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

With Reactor Mail, Antalis has found a dynamic solution to cater to their diverse clientele efficiently. By leveraging the tool’s branded HTML emails and web-hosted content linking capabilities, Antalis has empowered their sales teams to provide instant responses to client inquiries. The team can now send requested brochures and information promptly, leaving a lasting professional impression on their customers.

Also during sales calls or post-meeting follow-ups, Reactor Mail allows quick integration of support materials, enabling the team to enrich conversations and increase the chances of conversion. Moreover, the tracking and reporting features provide valuable insights, enabling Antalis to fine-tune their sales strategies and improve overall performance.

Overall, Reactor Mail has become an indispensable tool for Antalis, providing a low-cost, environmentally-friendly, and professional alternative to traditional print and postal delivery. The tool’s user-friendly interface and customizable features ensure seamless integration with Antalis’ brand, delivering a cohesive and personalized experience to their valued customers. By partnering with Edge Digital and implementing Reactor Mail, Antalis has strengthened their communication efforts, enhanced customer experiences, and solidified their position as an industry leader.

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