Email automation: Why your business needs it

Email marketing automation has become a vital tool for businesses seeking to enhance their performance and efficiency. By automating specific email marketing functions, businesses can streamline processes, enhance customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. For over 15 years, Edge Digital has been at the forefront of delivering automation and trigger programmes to our clients. Through our proprietary email platform, we offer sophisticated and personalised solutions that surpass the capabilities of most ESPs. In the forthcoming article, we will delve into why every business should embrace automation and how our tailored strategies and email platform offer unparalleled benefits.

Why Automate?

Triggered emails are automated emails that are sent in response to a specific action or behaviour by a customer or prospect. For example, a welcome programme email might be triggered when a new subscriber signs up for a newsletter, while a sales data-triggered email might be sent when a subscriber’s behaviour indicates they are interested in a particular product or service. These emails are highly targeted and personalised, making them more effective in driving conversions and building customer loyalty.

The benefits of automation are numerous. For one, they can improve the customer experience by providing timely, relevant, and personalised content. With automation, businesses can set up a series of triggered emails that are sent at specific intervals, based on the subscriber’s behaviour. This allows for a more personalised and seamless experience for the customer, as they receive emails that are tailored to their interests and actions.

Triggered emails can also increase loyalty by keeping customers engaged and encouraging them to continue purchasing. By sending targeted and relevant emails, businesses can keep their customers interested and informed about new products, promotions, and updates. This can lead to increased customer retention and repeat purchases, ultimately driving revenue for the business.

Moreover, automation in triggered emails can save time and money for businesses. With manual email campaigns, marketers have to spend a significant amount of time creating and sending emails to their subscribers. However, with automation, these tasks are done automatically, freeing up time for marketers to focus on other important tasks. This not only saves time but also reduces the cost of staff time, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Tailored Email Marketing Automation at Edge

At Edge, we understand the limitations of traditional ESP tools that offer automation and trigger features within a one-size-fits-all interface. While these tools provide some level of convenience, they often fall short when it comes to meeting the specific and complex requirements of businesses. This is where Edge excels – we go above and beyond by creating tailored processes that seamlessly integrate with our email platform to cater to your unique needs.

How Edge do it
Crafting a truly bespoke solution involves tailoring the process and technology to perfectly align with the unique setup of each Client. This comprehensive approach typically includes:

Data Conduit: Implementing a sophisticated mechanism to seamlessly transfer data from various sources such as customer information, sales figures, and product details.

Process Script: The heart of the operation, where we skillfully develop code and scripts to automatically process, filter, and take action based on the insights derived from the data against predefined rules. This ensures that the appropriate response (such as an email) is triggered, accompanied by the relevant message content.

Email Deployment: The processed data smoothly integrates into our email platform, ready to be deployed or scheduled according to the established rules.

Tracking, Reporting, and Action: The entire cycle is meticulously monitored, with all interactions being tracked. For instance, if a Customer receives an offer code and subsequently makes a purchase as indicated in the sales data, the offer will be fulfilled as needed. This could involve generating a report for the fulfillment house to dispatch a gift promptly.

Advanced Behavioural Triggers
As an example, on some Client programmes we continuously calculate the average buying frequency of each customer. If an individual goes beyond this average in terms of appearing in the sales data, we can automatically trigger a personalised ‘reach-out’ email. Moreover, we have the capability to pull in purchase history data to populate related products into the email, enhancing the customer experience and driving engagement (and revenue!).

Comprehensive Customer Lifecycle Management
Our services extend far beyond basic automation triggers. At Edge, we collaborate closely with our clients to map out the entire customer lifecycle journey. By identifying key touchpoints, implementing strategic automations, and personalising interactions, we ensure that all customer contacts are not only timely but also highly effective. Every interaction is tracked and measured to gauge the impact and success of these automated programmes.

In conclusion, Edge offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to email marketing automation that goes beyond the limitations of standard ESP tools. By leveraging advanced data integration, behavioural triggers, and lifecycle management strategies, we empower businesses to engage with their customers in a more personalised and effective manner.

Contact us today to revolutionise your email marketing strategies and drive meaningful results.

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