RJM International

RJM International is an award-winning, specialist provider of a range of innovative and technologically-sophisticated products and services aimed at the power, industrial plant, biomass and Waste to Energy sectors.

Edge Digital was entrusted with an exhilarating challenge: to create a website that would captivate a worldwide audience of prominent figures in the Energy Sector. Armed with a wealth of content to convey, we embarked on a mission to breathe life into a digital experience that would leave visitors in awe. Our team carefully crafted an innovative fusion of scrolling and dynamic interactions, seamlessly guiding the eye of each user to explore diverse content as they navigated through the site.

From the moment visitors arrived at the website, they were immediately immersed in an extraordinary digital landscape. As they scrolled, the captivating visuals and engaging animations unfolded, drawing their attention to various sections and delivering information in a visually stimulating manner. Our objective was to ensure that each visitor was enthralled, their curiosity piqued, and their appetite for knowledge satisfied.
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