Office Depot

Global supplier of office products and services

Office Depot, the global supplier of office products and services, commissioned Edge in 2009 (and we’re still going strong!!) to shape, create and deliver their new email communications programme. In reaching a vast B2B customer base, email is logically the primary channel to build and grow the relationship with each and every customer. Providing strategic and full creative services Edge are now working with Office Depot to kick-start the communications plan. Firstly encouraging customers to select their preferences (tell us what they want) which in turn will dynamically shape the information they are sent. The programme will then quickly evolve to deliver timely and tailored eNewsletters and promotions to the existing customer base.

We have also ran countless integrated campaigns for our Clients where we combine the joined up power of off-line and online. Utilising highly personalised direct mail, with email and driving prospects to a personalised landing page proved very successful. This campaign for Office Depot achieved a 7% response rate which was brilliant! More satisfying was hearing from a sales person that a prospect they met actually had the card on their desk and loved it.

Cutting through the usual ‘dull’ B2B marketing we used humour to offer up this payful ‘free eye test’ as a concept. 
Again combing direct mail with email and pushing to a highly personalsed landing page.

This delivered better than expected results again for Office Depot and quickly became a proven formula to reach and engage with their target audience.

From 2016 Edge have become increasingly involved in supporting the European territories in delivering pan-European activity and Campaigns. Multi-territory and multi-language Campaigns have presented a unique challenge but one the team at Edge have enjoyed and upped their game in delivering hugely complex and bespoke email messaging with fantastic results.
Added to this Edge have also delivered Reactor-Mail as a user managed email tool for sales teams, implementation teams and also customer services. This tool supports a myriad of marketing and sales activity across both Office Depot Europe and also Viking.